fredag 25 mars 2011

Italienska och franska regleringar av utländska uppköp i "strategiska branscher"

"Italy’s cabinet will today hold talks about adopting a French-style approach to thwarting unwanted foreign takeovers in sectors deemed strategically important such as energy, telecoms, technology, defence and food.
Giulio Tremonti, Italy’s powerful economy minister, has led efforts to protect sectors considered to be of strategic importance to the country.
Italy is considering following the example of the French, who in January set up 11 committees to monitor core industrial sectors, including automotive, aeronautics, naval and rail transport, luxury, consumer industries, technology, healthcare and renewable industry.
An immediate step Italy could take is to freeze the voting rights of all shareholders in companies it considers to be of strategic importance."
Rachel Sanderson, Paul Betts och Stanley Pignal, "Italy seeks to staunch foreign takeovers", FT 23 mars

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