lördag 16 maj 2009

Kontinuitetens estetik i NEK

"Conventional theory is infused by what one of my colleagues in physics calls an "aesthetic" of continuity and homogeneity. Exactly where this aesthetic comes from, how it is justified-indeed whether it is justified at all is a topic too vaste and complex for a paper of this kind. What I think is indisputable is that it is central to economics as praxis: the basic tools of theoretical analysis are applicable only in a continuous, homogeneous world, and the theories that are displayed in the classroom and constitute the standards of rigor and elegance against which students learn to judge their own work and those of their colleagues are theories about a continuous, homogeneous world. Any characterization that is sharply discontinuous and involves heterogeneous behavior is, on its face, intractable and unappealing."

Michael Piore (professor i nationalekonomi vid MIT), "Labor market segmentation: To what paradigm does it belong"?, American Economic Review maj 1983

- jag skulle nog säga att just denna estetik är ett av problemen med mainstream-NEK. Världen är inte kontinuerlig eller homogen på det sättet.

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