tisdag 28 juni 2011

Danska klippningar och bail-outs

bild från FT 24 maj

Tracy Alloway, "A senior haircut precedent in... Denmark", FT Alphaville-bloggen 7 februari
Tracy Alloway, "Armageddon bank", FT Alphaville-bloggen 17 maj
Tracy Alloway, "How do you say bail-in in Swedish?", FT Alphaville-bloggen 19 maj
Tracy Alloway, "Concerns grow over Denmark's bail-in rules", FT 24 maj
FT ledare, "Danish lessons",

"Yields on Danish bank bonds have risen since Denmark introduced its burden-sharing bank resolution mechanism. Of course with two of Denmark’s banks failing, this could simply reflect nervousness about the country’s banking sector as a whole. But some Danish bankers think they are paying a price for their government’s speed of reform."
R.A., "Small enough to fail", Economist Free Exchange 28 juni

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